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Jan 11, 2006


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Who! Gives a shit?


What's wrong with "more soft" or "more evident"? You could have "softer" instead of "more soft" but "more evident" is grammatical. In fact all of this seems like completely normal idiomatic English.


Jesus. I thought I was a grammar Nazi.


"More soft" is completely ungrammatical. "More evident" is the right form of the comparative, but in this case the superlative is called for--it should say "most evident."

More answers here:


I'm! Convinced that in most cases, two-syllable adjectives are allowed to take either the morphological ("-er") *or* the syntactic ("more") path to comparativeness: "more quiet" vs. "quieter", "more greasy" vs. "greasier", "more stable" vs. "stabler". Not always true ("gianter" sounds wrong, as does "foolisher", to pick a couple words I thought of randomly), but it often is. I'd say it's true in the case of "shiny".

I just stumbled upon this, and I have to say - that is a pretty darn horrible bit of English, there. But don't go adding valid, nonawkward constructions to the list, when there are so many truly bad phrases already there.


Thanks for the comment, Neminem. That's an interesting argument. I don't necessarily agree with you, but I do think it's good to debate the rules of the language and question why things are deemed correct or incorrect. However, in this case I think "shinier" is better even if you think "more shiny" is a valid construction, because saying "for softer, more shiny hair" is basically going out of your way to avoid parallel structure. "For softer, shinier hair" sounds a lot better.


"Evident" does not take a comparative or a superlative. Something is ether evident or it's hidden. Theree's no such ting as something being MORE evident; it's either evident, or it's not.


I don't see what's wrong with saying that something is more evident than something else. We can have degrees of obviousness.

There's nothing wrong with "more soft" or "more evident". This is how we make the comparative forms of adjectives.


Dave is righter than the previous commenter.

(See how somethings DON'T take comparative, dave?)


No. I can be more right than you, or I can be less right than you.



I'm surprised the misuse of "everyday" was left unmarked!


FYI, there are only 10 mistakes listed. You skipped from number 5 to number 7.
Other than that, I love it!


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It's promotional methods, fancy wording and stuff like that attract regular customers. It's not supposed to be grammatically correct genius. Shinier looks weirder than more shiny as well..


It's the 'regular' people we can do without. I saw someone spell throwing, throughing. How stupid are people these days?

And people who use the word init -instead of isn't it- don't even use it properly. I overheard some inbreed saying
"We're coming upto Bexhill, init"


God, it pisses me off.

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