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Apr 10, 2006


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Matt Brown

Lauren, the Post just had this article up a week ago:


"Oldies a Thing Of the Past At WBIG-FM--
'70s and '80s Classic Rock Replaces Early Top 40"

You can definitely look forward to being in your twilight years and hearing dance pop and alt rock.


I ate at a diner last night...I had a coupon...


Um...wow. I loved your blog until I read this.


Elizabeth, I'm intrigued. What's your personal take on the '50s? I'm not even being sarcastic, I really want to know--being someone who can obviously get pretty worked up about decades myself, I'm curious to hear what caused you to take offense at this.


lmao ive always found it difficult to find anyone that sees the 50's the way i do. I completely agree with ur negative views of the 50's. Everything back then was so weird and creepy. Augh reminds me of that pleasentville movie. The whole space age/retro look thing gives me the creeps.


i too hate the fifties. but, for none of your reasons. Oldies are great, as are diners and black & white photos/television. Actually, now that I think about it, martini hour, every day, sweet! The fifties were great! Women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, right!?


Okay, i have to admit that eveything you said was almost entirely true about the 50s. but i mean what can you possibly hold against Lassie?? i LOVE Lassie! it's like the greatest thing since the hair bands of the 80s!!!!! you don't know what you are talking about!i mean you said yourself that you wouldn't even watch it or give it a chance just because the color is in black and white! but so what! they did the best they could for there time and it has been remembered since the 50s.so guess what?? they must have done something right, or decades later it still wouldn't be famous. and a word from the wise unless you've watched and payed attention to something don't say you hate it because your judgeing a book by its cover (or a movie by its color) before even knowing anything about it!

jade E

i hate you. 50's culture is awesome.


Too good it took me two years to find this stinking blog. As soon as I click the back button I'll forget about it FOREVER. Great.


Somehow I stumbled onto this blog...I can't remember now...however, this post on the 50's is hilariously ironic!

I won't personally attack your writing about all the things that are AWESOME about the 50's...including, yes, the architecture...

But, realize that while you say you hate all things 50's, you are directly creating items influenced by that time period and generation.

Your decoupaged "products" are in fact ripped from the 50's. The color palette, the patterns...yes, all from this golden era of design influence.

You, at 24, probably do not see it...and most likely do not care...which is ok I guess since The Hills has influenced many, many would be "young designers". Right? I know...totally! Right? Totally!

*cue emo ballad*

The music, the design, the architecture, the film, are all a part of today. My main rant here...is respect. Respect for the things that came before you for they have surely influenced what is now in front of you.

Besides, hating black and white films is just un-American. Not interesting? I guess you watching movies for the bright, shiny colors and moving objects?


i have no problem respecting anything pre-1950 or post-1959. therefore i do not think it is entirely unreasonable of me to grant myself the small indulgence of hating a mere 10 years out of centuries of history.


50s were awesome everything about the music and the style is awesome! Don't HATE!


yeah i'm with you. i hate the 1950s, more because it's the embodiment of the little things that piss me off in this country. Brainwashed automatons, Dick and Jane, "get those Pinkos!," June Cleaver housewife, suburbia gone wild, etc. All that garbage rolled into one horrific decade.

I feel bad that my mom and dad were born in that era. Thank god they only lived five years in it.


same no problem with anything pre 1950s or post 1959 but 1950-1959 sucked please watch the attrocity that is pleasentville if you dont understand despite its horridness it accurately depicts just how awful the 50s were.


You are so rude!! I hate you!


i love music and culture. i hate you so much


sorry about my first commit, it is wrong. really said i love 50s misic and culture i hate you. P.s. i HATE MODERN MUSIC ALL TO MUCH


Chuck Berry will teach you a lesson.


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candy wuthers

ur amazing...its like u went into my brain and wrote everything i hated about the 50's...i am truly amazed...*tears* it couldn't have been better written.

your enemy

miserable cunt


wow. two words ! ungrateful and disrespectful ! shame on you !


This is a really polarizing entry.


Yes! I hate the Oldies. Give me 80's metal and traditional celtic folk music, I can't stand listening to this 50's crap.

Bob Beechin

Just how stupid is the author? I go to a diner because i want unpretentious, inexpensive american food. Some are better than others, but to lump them all together is folly. Also, ther's nothing "out-dated" about a malt, they're tasty and always will be. AS for saying "car's in the 50's looked like crap", WTF? YOu're going to argue that some of the best loved cars designs of all time (the porsche 356, the maserati birdcage, the early ferraris, the jaguar xk, the '57 chevy, the cab forward mopars, and countless other world famous, beloved pieces of automotive art aren't up to your high standards? Get bent. You are a very bitter, tasteless person and i pity the mediocre life you have resigned yourself to.


People like you should be wiped off the planet. If it weren't for the 50's you wouldn't have your beloved 80's/90's music. Music is an evolutionary thing, 80's/90's music didn't just appear out of nowhere. You wouldn't have your big screen color TV if black and white TV's hadn't been invented. Your ignorance is incredible. Judgement without knowledge is the definition of stupidity.


I don't think you hate the 50's so much as the 50's culture being cannibalized and shoved down your throat. I actually like a lot about the 50's but some aspects I find, not quite horrifying, not quite creepy, but some uncomfortable feeling in between. I imagine people in the 50's felt the same way (hehehehe). I bet they didn't all feel pat, safe and secure as they are portrayed on TV. Perhaps that's why there was the 60's- the people in the 50's reacting to the underlying uneasiness they couldn't put a finger on. I mean, consider shows like the Twilight Zone. They illustrate what I describe- seemingly perfect people suddenly finding their world turned inside out. Perhaps everyone feared everything falling apart in the 50's.

As for the music, I think it's like any art. After you hear it a thousand times and it's been done better/faster, it looses it's impact. When I hear about how legendary Nirvana is I feel the same way, even though I saw them in their hayday and was gaga about them way at the time. Again, bring on the 60's as a reaction.

You can bet when 50's music came out that generation thought they invented sex when they heard it just as this generation probably thinks their music is REALLY inventing sex. Every young generation is like that. They tend to think they've finally figured out what their parents couldn't- of course they're always jumping from their parents' shoulders when they make this discovery.

I have days where I hate the 50's, like today, but if anything can be said it did have it's own unique style. For what it's worth.

I imagine we'll be making fun of Apple and related Apple culture twenty years from now and then there will be 'Apple revival' parties with Feist and the Fratelli's playing in the background. I'll be the guy in the all black outfit, unless they come up with something even blacker by then.

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