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May 23, 2006


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wild hearts still hate horses


As a fellow Horse Hater, I understand completely your need to know everyhting about the Barbaro deal. I think another reason you should list is your propensity to look shit up on the internet.

Although considering like, the fact that you have this blog, I guess thats kind of obvi.


I generally do not like horses. Moreover, I've always been suspicious of people who do like horses. However, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the Preakness (it's the MD pride) and was incredibly upset about the Barbaro break. Which is weird since I didn't care anything about him until I listened to some dude on NPR gush about the horse. Lesson of all of this? I'm easily swayed by NPR


I'm not a horse person either and it's not easy to explain the attraction but I've become a Barbaromaniac.....over 1,000,000+ people from over 15 different countries feel exactly the same as I do !!! We've all been following his recovery on the Tim Wooley Racing website.Their's definitely something different about Barbaro aside from his beauty class and incredible undying spirit in the face of adversity....it's almost as if he has an aura....someone said "look into his eyes..he's an old soul...he's been here before !!" That's pretty much it in a nutshell.....more than a triple crown winner ...undefeated CHAMPION of OUR HEARTS !!!!!

I dont mean to be rude, but you shoudnt always say "hate" when your talking about horses, as you should know,there is people who LIKE horses!


I am a horse person and my livelihood revolves around the horse industry. I am however, not a fan of horse racing or am I following the story of Barbaro. I also do not buy gifts or send e-mails to horses. But I will say that it does not bother me one bit if someone else thinks Barbaro is a miracle and wishes to do so. I cannot tell you how many stories I have read about so many people who are outraged by what "they feel is the destruction of humanity" because so many others are showing compassion by sending e-mails and gifts to a horse. It really saddens me that it bothers so many. At least these people are not killing one another for a stupid PlayStation 3 at Christmas time!!!!!! Where is the outrage there?!?! One last note, anyone who hates horses is un-american and should leave this country.

10 points better than every other reader of this blog

anyone who hates horses is unamerican? and should leave this country? this is ludacris. where would michael wilbon live? also, horses aren't american, i'm pretty sure they're spanish. let's hold our (ahem) horses before we put horses in the same category as apple pie.

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