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Jun 27, 2007


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Well, if you follow your father's rules(and you so love rules), then have all boys and the father gets to name them. Moms get to name the girls-that's why I had three girls.


what about those peepz that tried to name their baby 4real...or something...but were rejected bc names can't start with numbers...damn...you can't go that wrong...or could you...



Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!



You've got to be kidding, you do not have a clue. Discussing your child's future name, could only be a good thing. No one is saying that you have to buy what you discuss. but I gurantee it will eliminate some of the bad ones. If you think you are soo awesome at doing this, maybe you should start doing something, rather than just dogging someone elses opinion or life's work. what is your life's work? I would truly like to see what you have accomplished.


Apparently I have accomplished pissing you off a whole bunch.


I guess there is a field called "nameology" now! (shameless Boondock Saints reference)

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