It's Not Just Any Uterus--It's the Uterus of a '90s Child Star!
Fear Factor: Chinese Elementary School Edition

Ehhhhhhh, Here's Some Stuff

Blogging-wise, I think September has been my laziest month thus far.  I do not base this information on any actual data (as that would take effort to compile), but I do know I've at least skipped two Fridays in a row AND neglected to change this month's banner.

Oh, well.  There weren't that many links Friday anyway, but here's what you missed:

Also, here are two new photosets from this weekend:

And finally, while we're at it, here's today's Bathtub post.


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Buddy Love

Remember when I said that we had 3-degrees of separation?

Yea... make that 2-degrees now.


Does that mean you're not a fish? Or is that still a possibility?

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