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Emmy Fashion Recap

Because LMNOP is a nice blog, we don't do "Worst Dressed" here.  Everyone is Best Dressed--just for different reasons.  Behold:

Best Dressed Ulcer: Sharon Stone


. . . Because "Dressed to Excess" isn't the same as "Dressed to Abcess."

Best Dressed, as Measured in Cubic Meters: Hayden Panetierre


Best Dressed Thing on One Leg: Felicity Huffman


Best Dressed, Pre-Double Take: Mary-Louise Parker


If you flip past this picture quickly, nothing appears to be wrong with it.  But if you dwell on it, it kind of stops making sense.  First of all, it would have looked better as a short dress, and that long red ruffle at the bottom should just be cut off.  Secondly, I hate when famous women wear dresses that are so tight you can practically see uterus.

Best Dressed, At Least In Her Own Opinion: Kimora Lee Simmons


I HATE that smug look she always has.  HAAAAAAATE!  She seems even more obnoxious than Tyra Banks.


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Sometimes I can tell we're friends because I agree with every critique you have of the dresses at the emmys

GOD i hate those too-tight dresses. It's like, ew, you look fat and weird like a starving baby.


ditto kelly and also i think my barbie design studio had that Mary-Louise Parker get up, cept i hated it because i thought it was lame when i was like 5, and would never trace it.


also wtf is up with sharon stone's shoes it looks like she is wearing tissue boxes

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