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"Here, Go Buy Yourself An Ice Cream Cone--Or Part of One, at Least"

The other week I was having dinner with someone I know--someone who has asked to remain nameless for reasons that will become clear pretty soon--and as I was getting ready to go she told me she wanted to show me the prize she had received for reaching a significant sales milestone at work.  She pointed to an envelope and said, "It's a gift certificate.  Guess how much it's for."

Having heard stories of her company's less-than-generous ways with its employees before, I guessed on the low side.  "Oh, God," I said.  "Don't tell me they gave you, like, a $5 gift certificate to McDonald's."

"Nope, not quite," she replied, handing me the envelope.  "See for yourself."

See for your self:


Yes, that is a $2 gift certificate to Baskin Robbins, and it's not part of a whole stack of them, either--that's it.  That's the prize.  $2.  In case you're counting, that's less than the price of a small cone.


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that makes me sad. you can't even get a shake for $2.

corporate america blows.

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