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This Week In Internet: What the Hell Is This?!?!

When I was going through this week's links, I noticed that each one had a strange or unusual picture to go with it.  For each link, I will show you the picture that accompanies it first; I strongly encourage you to take a few moments to ask yourself, "What the hell is this?!" before you go on to read the actual explanations.  In fact, try guessing before you peek.

Here's the first one.  What the hell is this?!


Well, it's the of "Shafique el-Fahkri, a 20-year-old student who was attacked outside of a Melbourne, Australia nightclub in January."  During the attack he had a metal chair thrown at him.  Even though the chair leg "went through Fahkri's eye socket and down into his neck," he managed to survive and keep his eye.  Read about it here.

Now, what the hell is this?


It's a close-up of the hands of the CUTEST WITTLE MONKEY YOU WILL SEE ALL WEEK!  I don't even really think monkeys are all that cute usually, but this guy is too much.

Moving on: what the hell is this?!


Well, it's obviously an Etch-A-Sketch, but can you tell who the image is of?  It's Kanye West.  There are even more cool Etch-A-Sketches at The Etch-A-Sketchist, an entire blog devoted to creations made on that god awful, infuriating little contraption.

What the hell is this?!


Actually, "What the hell is this?!" is probably exactly what the baby on the right is thinking as she stares at Nadia, the 17-pound Siberian baby born September 17.  Story and video are here, and no I do not know why her belly button is blue.

Finally, what the hell is this?!


Oh, it's a squirrel dressed up as Saddam Hussein, natch.  "Sugar Bush Squirrel" has her own webpage, which is maintained by an extremely wacky woman who likes to dress her up and photograph her.

Have a good weekend--and by that I basically mean you should just try not to get any chair legs put through your skull.


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