Things the New Pepsi Logo Reminds Me of, In Order of Resemblance
Teenage Mutant Ninja Pancake

This Week In Internet: A Day Late, But You Were Trick or Treating Anyway

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but I was caught by a barrage of trick-or-treaters as I was putting the finishing touches on my half-assed costume, so it's a day late and the Halloween links are now a little less relevant.

I'll leave you with a final, Halloween-appropriate link--"Pets in Costume: Cute or Creepy?"  Upcoming editions of Pancake Breakfast will surely inform you of my take on the matter, much to my boyfriend's shame.


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Pablo Gómez Valero

hahahaa, do u know what was the first globe factory? the God factory, LOL.
But now if u feel a megaloman can get the control of the earth, ur own earth.

Pablo Gómez Valero

ooooh, i want this lion!!!

James Buchanan


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