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This Week in Internet: Cats, Crocs, and Rider Strong

Went to Pittsburgh for two days, but I'm back now--with links!


I don't know if you can call Crocs a victim of the recession so much as a victim of people suddenly realizing they don't want ugly shoes.

Woman changes name to Princess-Rainbow.com. Natch. (thx, Em)


Filed under "WHOA, SCIENCE:" Girl has one heart, then two, then one again.

Cats "exploit" humans by purring.

Lost wallets have a better chance of being returned if they contain baby photos.

The Historical Rider Strong Hotness Chart

A Polish woman is suing a hotel "because she claims her 13-year-old daughter became impregnated after swimming in its pool during their recent holiday." Let me know how that goes, lady.

Have a good weekend, all you Princess-Rainbow.coms! (Or would the plural be "Princess-Rainbows.com?"  Or maybe "Princesses-Rainbow.com?"  Yikes.)


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My friends and I have entered several small running races under the team name "Princess Sparkle," which I think is a much better name.


I am not surprised about the crocs - I joined a Facebook group "Crocs might be comfortable, but you look like a dumb@$$" and there were a lot of members!

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