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Jul 31, 2009


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Remember when you and Kelly found the Mondo in my backseat? I bought it because my mom never would get it for me in elementary school and I wanted to finally get it for myself.

Also I need to remember to post earlier on Fridays so it doesn't just look like I'm reposting everything you put on your blog.


hahahaha YES. i believe that got me started on my story about how i have a bottle of orbitz that i have saved for about 12+ years now.

re: simul-posting, we need to come up with some kind of custody agreement. it's the only way.


My recent solution has been, wait till Sunday to post and hope people forget what you said on Friday.


I actually had Swedish Fish water ice on Saturday (yes, in Philadelphia we call it WATER ICE). It surprisingly tastes exactly like Swedish Fish.

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