Even Better Than a Whimsical Watch
Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: I Had to Do It

This Week in Internet: Presidents, Sumerians, and Cruella De Vil

Hilarious: A pictorial guide to avoiding camera loss.


Baby tapir born in Massachusetts!!  She is uh-dor-uh-ble.

Lady Gaga Barbies; this one is awesome.

Five bizarre tax deductions from around the world.

Counterterrorism.  For kids!

Selling wants to buy haves.  This is a good way to get a Snuggie.

10 great sciency movies of the 2000s.  I've seen . . . a few.

I might want this even more than I want a life-size plush donkey.

43 facts about 44 Presidents.  "Richard Nixon always wore a coat and tie – even when he was at home by himself, according to one biography."  How very Tobias Funke of him.

45 of the weirdest college scholarships.

Onion of the week: Sumerians Look On In confusion as God Creates the World.

Top 10 cartoon villains.  Props to Cruella De Vil for being the only female on the list.

Stereotyping people by their favorite authors.


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There are a bunch of surprising US government sites for kids.

The NSA's CrpytoKids site is still my fave though. I mean, come on, they have a hearing-impaired turtle who likes volunteering and computer science. And a cat who likes cryptography and spending time with his sister who has Down's Syndrome. And an adventurous eagle who is a native Spanish speaker. It's all so damn politically correct it's offensive.

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