Last Week in Internet: Bunnies, Bananas, and Presidents
Pancakes Ate My Brain

This Week in Internet: Jetpacks, Ke$ha, and an Exciting Norwegian Curling Pants Deevlopment

If you, like me, were in love with those Norwegian curling pants, then boy do I have a link for you.  This t-shirt will let you immortalize your love.  (Big thx, Amanda and Danielle, for making sure I saw this)

The defaced Presidents Flickr pool is full of awesome pictures of dollar bills that have been . . . . enhanced.

Baby fennec foxes!

This dog is huge.

My fave Black and WTF pic of the week: hello, smoking chimp in a sweater.

I think I need to stock up on these awesome Ctrl +Z "I'm sorry" cards.

Evidently some New Zealand company is now selling personal jetpacks for $50,000 a pop.  Soooo if anyone wants to donate $49,999, things could get really awesome for me really fast.

These are some high-quality llamas!!

Make your own solar system here.

Awesome slideshow alert: A History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things

Headline of the week has to be the one on this article.  (thx, Em)

Cute pics of Olympians as kids.

And finally, here's Ke$ha singing "Karma Police" at her middle school talent show in 2000.


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Um. That dog is the real life Marmaduke.


I don't know that I could like anything more than I like the Obama feigning interest in mundane things slideshow.


haha, i know. every picture was hilarious, even though they were all basically the same thing

Lauren E

Okay, so I feel like the biggest nerd in the world for being cuted out by the ctrl + z cards, but I totally forwarded them to several people. Also had a good laugh with the Obama slide show too.

Lauren E

Also, emo bunny (#5) has won my heart this week on



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