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A Love Letter to My Dog-a-Day Calendar

This Week in Internet: Presidents, Hopscotch, and Time Machines

Ever wonder what happened to that naked Nirvana baby?  The answer (sorta) involves Obama.

Ask me about my zombie shirt.

Where the hell was Lincoln's bodyguard, anyway?

Fake science might be better than real science.

Aaaand . . . here's a beaver dam that can be seen from space.

Bubble wrap hopscotch! (thx, big sis)

Breaking: politics, stock photography, and passive-aggressive behavior team up for the WIN.

Speaking of teaming up for the win, Lady Gaga and All Things Considered are a hilarious combination.

This is how you deal with hate mail.

FYI: How to build a time machine.

This claims to be "an infographical attempt to put the awesomeness of goats into words."  It is as advertised.

Internet ice cream!!!!


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