Highlights for (People Who Used to Be) Children
Wait. Stop Everything.

This Week in Internet: Malibu Sands, Ace of Base, and OMGWHATYEARISIT

The little girl in this does a great job: Girl Raised from Birth By Wolf Blitzer Taken Into Protective Custody

Cat of the week: this guy.

Because it's summer, here are some clips from the awesome Malibu Sands episodes of SBTB.  And here's a guy covering the theme song on YouTube.

FYI: How To Make An Annoying, Painfully Trendy T-Shirt Design (Hint: angel wings!)

Apparently Ace of Base has reappeared, and this is their new song.  It's . . . not good.

This, however, is a great song.  (thx, Matt)


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