I Can't Remember the Last Time a YouTube Video Made Me This Happy
Emmy Fashion Recap 2010: Microsoft Office Is Not a Stylist, and Other Advice

This Week in Internet: Clueless, Carlashes, and a Chihuahua

Carlashes are the greatest thing since carstaches.  And that sentence is the greatest thing since ANYTHING.

Yo. I am in love with this lady's Oreo hair and kind of want to do a Triscuit version for myself.

FYI, any video titled "Chihuahua playing pool" is probably as awesome as you would expect it to be.

Inception, explained for Mac users in one image.

Oooh, I bet I could kill some serious time with this book of 1699 slang.

Some very early (1922) color video footage, released by Kodak.  Pretty compelling.

Behold: Eight Lessons Clueless Can Still Teach You About Dating.

Justin Bieber to star in Back to the Future remake? WTF.  Following this rumor closely.



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I'm definitely changing the name of my blog to "I FUCKIN LOVE CORGIS"


I wholeheartedly endorse such a move

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