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This Week in Internet: Folger's, Flamingos, and . . . FPuppies on FComputers

Sorry, but I really wanted that title to be alliterative. On to the links:

This is hilarious and delightful and comes in as my #1 recommendation for YouTube viewing this week. ALAN! AL! (thx, Michelle!)

Have I mentioned that I love Community? I do. This season has been FANTASTIC. Here are a bunch of Community GIFs.

Some guy has decided to watch Julie & Julia every day for a year and write a blog about it. Good luck with that.

"wow pretty sad arrested development is over . . ."

This article has my favorite news photo of the week.

Reeeeally hard to pick a favorite daytime talk show screengrab here.

Puppies using laptops incorrectly. Man, they have no idea how computers work.

Dude, so glad someone has called this Folger's commercial out for being creepy.

Want: bowl made from melted toy soldiers.

The Lego Advent calendar contains a naked Santa taking a shower, because why not?

Flamingos in the shape of a flamingo. We have to go flamingo-er!

This is definitely the best Bill Murray GIF you will see today.


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