Sunday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Classy Snapshot
An Ultimate Grand Supreme GIF Wall for My Favorite Toddlers & Tiaras Contestant Ever

A Few Links from Today

'90s FLASHBACK 1: Thurston Moore interviewing Beck circa 1994: this is amazing.

'90s FLASHBACK 2: Best Teen Power Couples 

This was downright gripping: Two champion cyclists try to be the fastest at this thousand-meter race by moving the slowest. In fact, the two competitors go so slowly that at the 3:38 mark, both come to a complete halt. Why?

Sorry, but tooth-shaped cupcakes really freak me out.

I read "PayPal" as "RuPaul" in this headline and was like, WTF, RuPaul??

This is a good article with a GREAT correction.

"Writers and thinkers around the world" opine: what was the most important event of 2011?

This is a grammar rap, so I am contractually obligated to post it.

What's THE BEST MAP EVER???? This, apparently.



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