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Oh, Canada

I go back and forth on Canada.  They'd started to really get on my good side lately, but they still do way lame things like this sometimes too.

My vote goes to Amanda and Steve, because Amanda looks like what Christina Ricci would look like if she was happy and Steve looks like there is actually not a single brain cell in his entire head.

I also like Lilliette and Kevin because while they are very good at being Canadian and engaged, they lack in the writing department.  From their bio: Kevin and I think that we should be selected because between the 2 of us we are the epitome of a Good Time. That is the theme of our wedding "Good Times"!.

What a shitty wedding theme.  Good times?  Like, it's widely understood that a wedding isn't a bad time.  So try for something a little more creative.

Trying to Think Outside the Bun, But It's Not Working

What the hell is an enchirito?  I saw it listed on the menu at Taco Bell, but there was no picture.  The name sounds like it would be an enchilada-burrito hybrid, but surely that's not the case.  Enchiladas and burritos could not really be any more similar without just being each other.

I went to their website to see if I could find out, but after staring at the links on the main page for three seconds and trying to process the words "Say Fresco," I realized that I was just too tired to navigate today.  Maybe some other time.

A Well-Grounded Theory

I have decided that 99% of people get at least one calendar for Christmas.  This statistic is based on the fact that I and the two other people I have talked to about this all got calendars this year.  I made the figure for my statistic 99% instead of 100% though, because you have to figure that there is someone out there that just did not get a calendar.

Post supporting or contradictory evidence in the comments section.  Feel free to tell what calendar(s) you got as well.  I got a Sudoku one and a crochet-pattern-a-day one.

20 Years of Holiday Hotness

I notice two things when I look at this picture: my standard 1985 toddler mullet and the couch that we still had in our living room up until I went to college.
There was a lot more gong on in 1995, like my older sister's awesome perm, my cool vest, Kate's shapeless dress, and Michael's resemblance to Macaulay Culkin.  (I promise that is the last time I mention Macaulay Culkin for at least three months.)
With the inclusion of Kelly's husband Brian in this photograph, it keeps the trend of one new male in the Christmas pictures every 10 years.  Also note Kate's remarkable ability to smile naturally while, at the exact moment this picture was being taken, she was threatening through gritted teeth to stab Michael with a sharpened candy cane.

Dear Santa

Five Things I Want for Christmas:
1. 60,000 new lanes added to the Beltway
2. The gestation period of all celebrities speeded up so we don't have to wait so long to see what they name their babies
3. New seasons of America's Next Top Model, Project Runway and Nip/Tuck every year until I die
4. One friend at work
5. I guess I have to use my fifth wish to free the genie.  Genie, you're free!
OK, I'm going away until Sunday night.  See ya then.