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Things I Want to Blog About But Am Too Exhausted

1. Once and for all, who is creepier: skinny-necked fitness guru John Basedow, or the Burger King king-freak-mascot thing?
2. Celebrity baby gender and name predictions (I have some solid guesses)
3. Alanis Morissette having blond hair
4. Figure Skating With Celebrities
5. The New Season of Nick Cannon's "Wild'n Out"

OK, #5 is a total lie.  But the other four are things I have been thinking a lot about lately, and my feeling is that if I can't commit to making the time to write nice, detailed posts about those topics, I can at least let you know that I would like to.

But I know better than to promise anything to you people after the way you got on me when the About page wasn't updated on time.



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i really like when you photoshop things poorly it reminds me of the "unattractive" picture with arcsawire


Yo Burger King guy is definitely creepier... especially in the commercial where he is supposed to be some sort of King Kongish character...


In that case I should point out that I've been thinking a lot about commenting lately, but since I can't take the time to write a quality reply, I should at least let you know that I would like to.

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