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Great American Logic Out

So, I have nothing against vegetarians.  At all.  I am fine with people who don't eat meat.  I have actually heard many convincing and logical arguments for vegetarianism.

Interestingly enough, The Great American Meatout, which is today, does not employ any of those cogent arguments for its cause.  Instead, as you can see from the website, they are pushing vegetarianism on the basis of some of the shittiest logic I have ever seen.  Some of their reasons for going vegetarian/vegan:

"A survey found that 20% of teens think vegetarianism is cool."

Hey!  Awesome!  Nothing lends authority to a statistic like the backing of one-fifth of the most superficial and fickle-minded segment of the population!
And anyway, doesn't that statistic seem a little low?  Isn't it when you're a teenager that you're supposed to try vegetarianism specifically so it will piss your parents off because they have to cook you special meals and worry about your protein intake?

"The U.S. has had its first-ever vegan presidential candidate (Dennis Kucinich)."
I'M SOLD.  You know what I've always said: "If it's good enough for the lamest presidential candidate in American history . . . IT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!"

Meatout is "the world's largest grassroots diet education campaign!"

Cool, and I'm the world's number one self-maintained, Gaithersburg-based blog that derives its name from the letters 'LMNOP.'  Where do I go to pick up my medal?

Happy Meatout, everyone!


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Matt Price

Also don't they realize that "the great american meatout" sounds like an event promoting the consumption of meat?

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