Talkin' Waffles with DC
Also, I Deserve No Credit for The Graphics in This Post, They Are Michelle's Own Divine Creation

Kid's Got Skills

These are authentic Chuck Taylors from when my dad played basketball for UMass in the 1970s.


This is my brother Sunday after he watched the CBS sports special on Pete Maravich and was inspired to find those Chuck Taylors, plus some hideous short shorts and our oldest basketball, and recreate the magic of the era of Pistol Pete.
Lm_041 Lm_037_1

This is the resulting video, which will bring you one step closer to understanding my family (make sure your speakers are on):

I mean, that's got to explain something, right?


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Wilt Chamberlain

I just rolled over.

Charles Barkley

Me too.


This video will surely soon overtake "Lazy Sunday" in popularity!


Let's not start saying things we can't take back, Emmy.

Cleveland Evans

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