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Wherein Nickelodeon's "Guts" and Pi Are Both Discussed

Today I got up and checked my special LMNOP March calendar, which a.) keeps detailed track of all of the festivals and holidays in March, who they are assigned to, and what preparations they require, and b.) yes, really exists--and realized it was Pi Day.  Grooaaaan.  Like, there's nothing more annoying--and this is coming from a HUGE grammar nerd--than an earnestly lame geek holiday. 

I decided I would challenge myself to find the lamest Pi-themed T-shirt on the Web.  I figured there would be a lot to choose from, given the popularity of those "No I will not fix your computer" T-shirts that computer nerds like so much.  (By the way, they will fix your computer.)    In the interest of upping both the difficulty level and the Pi-relevance quotient of the challenge, I decided to restrict my search to The Lamest Pi T-Shirt I Could Find in Three Minutes and 14 Seconds.  The clock started when I hit "Enter" on my Google search for "t-shirt pi day geek pride."

Let's go to Mo for the results!  Mo? (Yes, there is a picture of Mo from Guts after the jump.)



Results of the Challenge

26.3 seconds:


 I flagged this one because it was, inexplicably, attempting to assign a "classic" vibe to something that was so completely and obviously a lame gimmick.  Still though, it only rated about a six on the lame scale.  I dug deeper.

45.6 seconds:


How disturbingly understated.  People, don't you get the point of a geeky T-shirt?  You're supposed to really embrace the geekiness and come up with something so fantastically geeky that people at least respect that you are an individual.  If you try to subtly tout pi and make it mainstream, then you just look like a hopeless geek who is sadly trying to fit in but never will. 
No time to dwell.  Must press forward.

1:05.6 seconds:


Wow. I can probably stop looking now.  This hits all the main points of geekiness and THEN some: makes references not just to pi, but also to e; requires the wearer to walk around blatantly displaying a mathematical equation, thus making their nerdiness visible from way across the room; crappy design assures the wearer that this T-shirt was designed by mathematicians, for mathematicians--it gets the job done without trying to be something it's not. 

There were still a couple of minutes left on the clock, but I really didn't anticipate topping this design.  This was exactly what you would picture your AP Calculus teacher coming in to school wearing on March 14.  Sure enough, this ended up being the winner, but there were stil a couple of other sites worth noting:

Their Pi T-shirt was pretty weak, but they had some classic computer geek shirts.  I went back to look at them when I was off the clock, and was impressed in particular by "There's No Place Like" and "W00t" shirts.  Those will make many a geek very happy.

I saw a couple of sites that had the obligatory pi joke wherein the pi shape is filled in with a print of apples, lemons, etc. to make the visual "Apple Pi' pun, but this site definitely had the most breadth I encountered in my threeish minutes: Cow Pi, American Pi, Fat-free pi, pork pi, pi in the sky, pizza pi, etc.


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Ms. Boyd

At school, I celebrated National Pi Day by writing that it was National Pi day on the warm-up on the overhead. My students had mixed feelings about this.

Some of them were excited:
"YAY! I hate English! Talking about Math for three seconds gives me sweet relief from the nausea of commas, verb tenses, and novels."

Some of them were skeptical of me:
"Ms. Boyd, we know you can't do basic math, how can we trust that you're not making this up?"
"Ms Boyd, you frequently tell us you hate math, why do you remember / acknowledge this holiday?"

But third period (which I had at the end of the day for some reason) was insanely thrilled. We actually celebrated national Pi MINUTE at 1:57.
It went like this:
Smart Kids: (chatting about National Pi day)
Me: Who knows the next for digits in Pi?
Smart Kid #1: 1572... 8?
Smart Kid #2: NO! It's 1573..56?
Smart Kid #1: Well it's DEFINITELY 157 at least.
Me: Hey! It's 1:54! National Pi Minute is in THREE MINUTES!
Class: (not as excited as I'd hoped) Woo.
(Pause instruction for 30 seconds)
Me: Well, someone remind me to stop talking about verbs in three minutes.

Then we forgot, but the intention was there. Perhaps "THRILLED" is too strong of a word.

I then received suggestions for next year's celebration. These included, but were not limited to:
- making pies and eating them
- going shopping and watching tv

And to think -- none of this would have been possible without you, LMNOP. Keep up the good work!


Hahaha, middle schoolers are lame. Also, I believe you are supposed to celebrate Pi Day at 1:59, because then it's 3.14159, which I think are the actual first few digits of pi. That's what the research I was doing today seemed to indicate. I would love it if someone mathier verified this though (Tori?) because obvi neither the English teacher nor the font consultant is going to know for sure.

I like how all of your classes responded differently to Pi Day, almost as if to indicate that children are not all the same.


Lauren, as a certified math expert, I will confidently assert that pi does indeed commence 3.14159. Tragically, I was unable to properly celebrate pi minute given the fact that Jew School prioritized Purim over Pi Day and we didn't have any classes. (We did, however, go serve hamentashen to the elderly at Rockville's Hebrew Home . . . and hamentashen is kind of like a jew pie?)


Ah, your assessment of our disturbingly understated "Pi Day" shirt is, admittedly, fair. We hang our head in shame that we designed a shirt just so it could be quickly found for the phrase "pi day shirt".

But we are unabashed in our geekiness and proudly proclaim our individuality in our personal favorite, the "Ceci n'est pas pi" shirt.

Not that they sell... Cow Pi and Pi Pirate seem to be the real crowd pleasers. ;)


Hahahahaha, you have completely redeemed yourselves!


Oh, thank you. We do so crave approval. ;)

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