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To celebrate National Craft Month, I challenged myself to make an awesome craft using only office supplies.  The result: BINDER CLIP PANDAS!!!


You'll need: two binder clips, a splash of white out, a piece of white paper, a Sharpie, a paper clip, a rubber band, and some tape

Mount the head using the paperclip to give your fun friend some poseability and versatility!


And don't forget: however many sizes binder clips come in, that's how many sizes binder clip pandas come in!


Binder clip pandas: easy, adorable, and completely un-poachable!  Make yours today.


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You could sell these at Staples...seriously.

And to think you couldn't even undo a zipper as a child. Your fine motor skills are amazing now.


I have done my Office supplies shopping from OfficeMax and at good discounted prices..


Very nice. Now I know what to do with all those spare clip binders I have.

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