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Those of us who were born in America in the 1980s were able to make it through our most formative years without having to weather any truly big wars or depressions or other totally horrible universal disasters. On the whole, that is a good thing.

This dearth of tragedy and strife has, however, had an interesting impact on our generation: faulting a legitimate cause upon which to focus our human need to feel passionate about something, we instead became abnormally emotionally invested in our television programs.  The graphic below details this phenomenon.


The result is that the current group of American 20-somethings is still very, very attached to our memories of Nickelodeon and T.G.I.F.  We were young and impressionable and our brains were like sponges--something had to become seared into our memory.  Absent our own Great Depression or World War Two, we defaulted to being permanently traumatized by Zack breaking up with Kelly.

Our generational case of early-onset nostalgia is not just limited to former television shows, though--clothing, toys, games, books, movies and music from the '80s and '90s all fall within the scope of the obsession that I predict future anthropologists will refer to as the "I Love The" Effect.  This nomenclature is of course derived from the group of VH1 miniseries that epitomizes premature sentimentalization of our age group.  (Miniseries, by the way, that I enjoy watching more than just about anything else.)

Indeed, the "I Love The" Effect has not escaped even my own blog: my site traffic has seen significant spikes in referral links from search engines the three times that "Guts," "Salute Your Shorts," and "Jodie Sweetin" were incidentally mentioned in posts.  Meaning, there are a lot of people out there searching the Internet for those things.

Now, I'm not saying it's a bad thing that our generation doesn't have painful memories of recycling our bikes for scrap metal.  I'm just wondering what this is going to do to us as old people.  What will we possibly drone on to our grandchildren about, seeing as how we never walked uphill to school with potatoes in our hands, potatoes that we had pulled from the Victory Garden in our backyard? 

Get ready.  We are going be the lamest old people ever.


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peter engel

to rest the minds of a generation, i will raise the curtain on concern number one. tori replaced not only kelly, but also jesse for the following reason; nbc wanted more episodes of our sweet, sweet show, even after the finale was taped. by that time tiffany and elizabeth had signed on to other projects and were unavailable to tape the extra episodes. as the producer i felt that there needed to be another foil/love interest for zach, so tori was created. (yes i know there was always lisa for the love interest, but that only worked for one episode, we needed her to be free for screech). i hope you all may rest at ease now.


bob sagat laughs hysterically at all the mail he receives for being a 'wonderful role model for our children' as he is the most vile man on the face of the earth (just watch his standup act)


your application will be accepted if, and only if, your family consists of: (1) one male father, (1) one female mother (preferable if gay dumb smile is plastered on her face at all times), (1) male son who is aiming to get back at his parents for all the wrongs they have done to him, and (1) female little sister who is dragged along (hair MUST be in a ponytail, preferably one that is to the side).

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