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Tribute to McNamerica

In light of Michelle McNamerica's decision to go on 'hiatus' over at McNamerica, I feel compelled to comment on the passing of one of suburban Maryland's finest pillars of pop culture commentary, Paintbrush graphics, and sarcastic rants.  As I myself am a blogger who occasionally finds herself frustrated by the irony of putting a lot of time and care into creating the kind of blog that I would want to read and then being the only person who can't really enjoy reading it because reading your own writing isn't leisure, it's editing, I empathize with Michelle's reasons for taking a break.  That (along with the fact that she seems to resent never getting to attend an LMNOPulitzer Ceremony) is why I have decide to induct Michelle McNamara into the LMNOP Hall of Fame.

Astute readers will note that I have never before mentioned this so-called LMNOP Hall of Fame.  That's because it's brand new.  I created it so I could put Michelle in it.  In the future I may add other valuable members of the LMNOP community, but for now let's just focus on Michelle.  In her honor, the following plaque will now hang on the wall of LMNOP corporate headquarters, in the space between Cathy's office and my own:


I would also like to formally extend an offer to Michelle to sign on as a sort of a Magic Johnson or Summer Sanders-style member of the LMNOP family, with an open invitation to come contribute to this website whenever she has something to say.  Like post-retirement Magic and Summer, she can enjoy her new relaxed schedule but still make occasional appearances to provide commentary and maybe host game shows.  Unlike Magic and Summer, she is not obligated to chunk up.

Michelle, I wish you the best.  And if you want to pull a Jay-Z and come back out of retirement, you don't need to feel awkward about it, even though I basically just eulogized you.  But if you do the Jay-Z thing, please just promise your comeback won't involve some sort of joint blogging project with Linkin Park.  I would have to take the plaque down.


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I second the induction.
Michelle, please pull a Jay Z, or even better- a Barb Streisand. That is, have ten farewells, a final one which costs $800 a for one viewing.


A tear came to my eye just now. Thank you so much Lauren for this beautiful tribute. I would like to thank you specifically for your photo choice, since I know you could have chosen an infinitely more unflattering picture for that plaque.

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