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It's Not a Bad Outfit, It Just Has the Wrong Backdrop: Emmy Awards Edition

AITNF (Awkward Is the New Funny) Bulletin

Check out this US Weekly blog post/poll and tell me I'm not on to something here.  Excerpts (with my emphasis added):

The Emmy Awards began on an awkward note on the day of the deadliest American air flight in recent years, which killed 49 in Kentucky. Host Conan O’Brien’s opening skit found the host visiting the sets of several highly rated shows, including 24, House and Lost.

The prerecorded opening skit began with O’Brien boarding a private plane to Los Angeles. Asked by a stewardess if he was nervous about hosting the show, O’Brien answered, “Nervous? What could possibly go wrong?” The plane then crashed, with O’Brien later washing up on the set of Lost.

Us followed up with a poll asking, "You tell Us. Was Conan’s opening skit in poor taste or was it funny?"  The results thus far?  66% of those surveyed have ruled that unintentionally cringeworthy plane crash jokes are . . . FUNNY

Now, perhaps I shouldn't go around taking US Weekly poll results as Gospel quite yet, but I do feel justified in pointing out that this information aligns well with my new theory that Awkward Is the New Funny.  I mean, don't they say that three times officially makes it a trend?  We could be on the edge of something very big here, people.


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That might be true. Just like my theory that there are a disproportionate amount of tall people in Virginia.

I'm sorry: there is a disproportionate amount


there are disproportionate amounts

There, I feel better.


Lauren, I'm 100% on board with this. I've been making people cringe with inappropriate comments and uncomfortable violations of personal space for as long as I can remember. And while I used to think that I was a huge creep, you've convinced me that I was ahead of my time with comedy. The world wasn't ready for maximum awkwardity (which is a made up phrase I coined to describe the situation when I would intentionally show up where I knew an ex-girlfriend would be, just to make her feel awkward).

Or maybe I'm just creepy.


Caitlar, that theory does not apply to my office in VA because there are a lot of short people there. Maybe it is a sanctuary or force field.

Matt Brown, I think you are one of the people who are really going to benefit from awkward being the new funny. In fact, I am hard-pressed to think of anyone I know personally who does it better.

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