This Just In: You Get What You Pay For!

Hot, Lazy August is Hot, Lazy Here

You'll note that August's design is up, and I hope it inspires you to be remarkably unproductive this month.  I myself am off to a fine start, as evidenced by the fact that the lower right-hand corner of this month's banner proudly proclaims that it is August 200.  No, we have not spiralled back in time; I just sized the image improperly and am too lazy to scale it back.  Maybe I will later, but maybe I won't, because it's actually rather fitting.  I'm sure you understand--it's HOT out.  Even the smallest little task seems like running a triple marathon through hell wearing spiked shoes and listening to the National Association of Overcompensating Athletic Trainers podcast* on your headphones.

It is my hope that LMNOP will be a place of cool respite for you during these hottest of hot months, if for no other reason than that if you are somehow able to turn my words into air conditioning, I think my copyright would entitle me to part of your Nobel Prize winnings.  You know?

OK, that's it for this month's little fireside chat/pep talk.  I should mention that I am moving into a new LMNOpartment today, so I'm not sure when my Internet access from there will be secure.  Verizon has assured me that they start billing me tomorrow, but somehow I feel like that's not a guarantee of actual service.  I'll do my best to get to you all as soon as I can, so we can hold hot sweaty hands together until this horrid month is over.

*Yes, we will be carrying the athletic trainers feud into August.  Because I'm petty.


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