Million-Dollar Awkward
A Conversation With My Spam Folder

Four Ways to Postpone the Start of Your Work Week

1. Go here and find out how many people in the U.S. have your name.  (Actually, the thing uses old data and the results can be called, at best, an 'estimate,' but I am always willing to overlook the questionable nature of something if it provides me with a few seconds of fun.)  Apparently I am one of 25 Lauren McMahons.  I already knew about a few of them from Googling myself; one of my goals in life is actually to overtake the two Lauren McMahons who are more popular than I am and claim the #1 spot on the Google results.  I used to be #4, but apparently I have overtaken Lauren McMahon the competitive bowler.
Anyway, post how unique you are in the comments section.  Maybe I will give a prize to my most non-special friend.

2. Watch this video of Tyra Banks and get a better understanding of why I am so, so afraid of that woman.

3. Look at the pictures of the Renaissance Festival/Jonah's birthday that I finally uploaded, including this one of Ashley throwing an axe:


4. Stop by The Blue Pages, read Matt's incredibly comprehensive one-year anniversary post, and wish his blog a happy birthday.


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I call shenanigans on the name generator. There is no way is Mathew with one T as popular as they think it is. Almost 96,000 others? There were only 211,000 Laurens. I've met about 30 Laurens in my life, and about ZERO other Mathews. Shenanigans.

Who am I?

It said there's nobody in the US with my name!

Katelyn Mcmahon
There are 2 people in the U.S. named Katelyn Mcmahon

benjamin cianelli

so, apparantly there are zero people with this name. as i set at my computer wondering if i indeed existed, i rea a quote provided by the the website:

"I think it's important not to take it as a rejection of you personally."
Gabriel Caine -- Diggstown.

thank you gabriel caine for making me feel better. but this again raised a couple of questions for me.

a) who the fuck is from diggstown?


b) did they need to put that he's from diggstown? apparantly he is the only gabriel caine in existence


c)how does he know what i am going through? his name comes i don't know what to feel.


You all raise some very good questions, but since you barely exist I do not feel patricularly obligated to answer them.

Also, Matt Brown, I think I can vouch for the fact that there is only ONE of you. I know this because I saw you get peed on by a seven-year old.


I don't recall YOU ever winning counselor of the week, do I?


799 people with my name. Much as I suspected. Entirely too common. I am bound to end up on the No-Fly list by mistake.

Ashley has a bit of the Kristen Dunst in her, doncha think?


Weird pose to bring the Kirsten out of her, but I do kind of see it.

Brian Wolly

There are no other Brian Wollys..but the site also says there are no other Wollys, which mean I have no parents or brothers or grandmothers.

I am skeptical of this.

Deacon Barry

I am so relieved to find out I'm not the only one who Googles themselves. I'm Scottish so I'm not included in the count, but it says there's 6 people with my name in the USA. Only one of them appears on Google, but because he's a moderately well-known singer, he takes up 8 pages of Google before I make an appearance. You at least are on page one.


This is what it said about my last name:

There are 0 people in the U.S. with the last name Guskin.

I'm pretty sure there are a few of us. Like, oh, my parents

John Doe

Everybody's linking to this name thing:

Eddie S. Hands

fortunately when i searched my name nothing remotely associated with tyra banks came up...that must say something about me?

i believe tyra must have taken acting lessons from tom cruise for her little freak out....

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