Some Highlights From Boston
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Things I Thought While Looking at People Today

1. In order to be truly accurate, this picture showing how Nicole Richie co-opted Mary Kate Olsen's look should also have a smaller oval inset inside M-K's picture showing the homeless person she stole it from first.


2. David Hasselhoff's exposed neck and chest skin in this picture reminds me of the FedEx logo and how it has that secret subliminal arrow.  You see it, right?  It's pointing down.


3. Judging from Lindsay's dress and Rumor's jacket, gluing macaroni onto something and spray painting it gold is not just for homemade Christmas ornaments anymore.


4. I recall this being the exact posture we were supposed to adapt at Catholic middle school dances.  Way to leave room for the Holy Spirit, ladies!


5. With all that seems to be going on behind her involving her children, husband, and a couple of farm animals, I can't imagine what is going on in the other direction that Heidi Klum felt compelled to photograph.


6. Well, Madonna, if you're trying to convince us that you want to really get involved and save the children of Malawi, you have certainly chosen the perfect outfit to do it in.  Nothing says, "I'm going to do whatever it takes to help this developing country" like a spotless white pantsuit.



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Jonathan Dobres

I don't get the whole Nicole Richie/Mary-Kate "look". Seems like the kind of thing they'd throw on to run errands. This, of course, assumes that they run errands. Or run at all. If, in fact, they both stood before their mirrors and consciously thought, "No, this looks great," it's possible that the obvious malnutrition is causing some vision loss.


faat me dane

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