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Because Kelly Has Requested I Do More Posts with Crappy Pencil Drawings

This past weekend I saw the movie "Children of Men," which could have also been titled, "You Ruined the World.  Yes, You.  Now Nobody Can Have Any Babies, and Everyone is Sad," except that barely fits on a DVD box.  So they went with "Children of Men."

We saw "Children of Men" because the other choices were pretty underwhelming, and because I refused to see "The Departed" since it was 2.5 hours and I can't go that long without peeing.  The movie was interesting, but the experience of seeing it in the theater was sort of like sitting in a room for two hours and having someone scream "BE AFRAID! THIS WORLD IS GOING TO SHIT, AND IT'S GONNA BE IN YOUR LIFETIME, COOKIE!" over and over again with a bullhorn. Not how I usually wind down after a long week at work.

I don't go to the movies much in general, and when I do I hardly ever see anything but comedies or other light fare.  "Children of Men" (along with 2005's "V for Vendetta," the last big, dark drama I saw at the theater) is a perfect example of why.  I'm sure there are many people who like seeing movies like that in the theater for the same reason I don't--they're big and loud, and they suck you in and don't let you think about anything else other than their grim, sad premise. It's a tad overwhelming.

I'm not saying I won't watch movies like "Children of Men" at all; no, I just wait for them to come out on video.  If I'm going to have to sit through the apocalypse, I should at least be able to do my crossword.  In other words:


I'm saving my $9.25 for the next "Mean Girls" or "Bring It On."


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i do love when you do pencil drawings


Those pencil drawings are great. I've been a fan of LMNOP for just a short while and this is my first exposure to your work. I did a search for "drawing" to find others, and while I couldn't find any, I did have the pleasure of discovering the children's art paired with your poetry. Hee!

Aren't there about 27 "Bring It On" sequels? I never saw any of them, but I should probably start catching up if you're looking forward to the next one. Unless, of course, I am being way too literal and you mean the next movie of MG/BIO caliber.


Here's one post featuring my amazing artwork that comes to mind:

There are at least 2 "Bring It On" sequels, but they're actually pretty awful. I was, as you suspected, speaking more about the movies of that (extremely high) caliber.


Thanks for the link! I forgot about that post, so rereading it was a little deja vuey but still very entertaining. I'm all for more posts with drawings. Make a new category!

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