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Hand-to-Hand Combat

The pictures in this post come from this new photo set.

When we were out for our recurring happy hour date at Caddie's last week, Carolyn, Kelly, Elle, Lauren P. and I were delighted when two nice Bud Light people showed up to hold a preliminary round of the Bud Light Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament.  We had never heard of it before, but of course we were willing to try it, as entry was free and all participants were given a free bottle of Bud.  They informed us that the top two players would even go to regionals in April, and that the winners of that round would get to go to Vegas for free to participate in nationals.  We were not entirely concerned with these details though; we were more focused on the "free beer and Bud Light T-shirt" goal that we saw as vastly more attainable.

Kelly, Carolyn and I all won our first rounds.  After that Kelly and I had to face each other.  She beat me easily.  Carolyn took on Bender and beat him to advance as well.

For the win

Kelly and Carolyn each went on to win their next couple of games, and soon they were the only players left.  Here's Kelly's face when she realized she had to play Carolyn in the championship:

Kelly and Carolyn find out they have to face off in the championship

She was understandably a bit intimidated, as Carolyn can be ruthless at times.  Obviously it was too late to turn back, though.  The two squared off and threw down their first moves of the best-of-three series.  Carolyn took the early lead, covering Kelly's Rock with her Paper.

Kelly takes an early lead, but then Carolyn ties it 1-1 with a throw of paper
After that, Kelly won the second throw and the stage was set for a dramatic finish. 





It's down to the final throw; Kelly bests Carolyn and looks utterly shocked to have won

Kelly took Carolyn with the same Paper-over-Rock move that had been used against her on the first throw, thus taking the game and the tournament.

As the top two finishers, both Kelly and Carolyn advance to regionals.  Obviously I will be covering this momentous event for LMNOP Sports.  No matter what happens there, though, I would like to take this opportunity to salute my two friends and their RPS skills.  Ladies, you are true champions.

Livin' it up like the champs they are


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Buddy Love

Congrats to the fine lady champions!

FYI, be sure to bulk up on your strategy for regionals:

And don't forget to paint your mini-van (soccer-mom style) for the road trip!


i'm so proud of you girls


if those two clowns make it to vegas for rps, you can be damn well sure that i'm going.


Oh my God-would that not be the funnest trip in all of history?


i'm pretty sure it would be the greatest trip of all time


i'm pretty sure it would be the greatest trip of all time

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