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I Don't Get Out Much In January

364901922_85fbb38740 My social life slows down a wee bit in Jan/Feb because I coach basketball on Friday evenings and then referee bball games all day Saturday, leaving me just a bit exhausted.  However, I did manage to leave the house a couple times this weekend, and you know what that means: we got some new Flickr sets in the house, people.

The first set from the weekend includes the lovely picture at right.  About a year ago I posted a couple pictures of my friends and me at an event I referred to as "an art something thing."  We were, in fact, at a party/art show for O'Neill studios, and it turns out this is an annual thang because we went again this year.  Check out the photoset of Saturday's party here.

I also posted a couple pictures of us playing with Doug's new Wii.  That thing is mad fun. 


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hey, some of that art is pretty good. does the o'neill studio have a website?


indeed, they do:

Tito J Willoughby

I commend you on your use of the adverb "mad"

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