I Don't Get Out Much In January
An Inconvenient Truth

First Step: Admitting You Have a Problem; Second Step: Getting Rid of Some Lip Gloss

Last night as I was cleaning out my purse I finally came up with my Official New Year's resolution:

In 2007, I resolve to limit the amount of lip products I keep in my purse to five at a time.

I'm kind of a lip gloss/lipstick addict, and I have been ever since seventh grade when Katie and I would spend our entire 30-minute carpool trip in the backseat comparing Bonne Bells.  (We even had a game called "Lip Gloss Pageant," but I'll save that for another post.) Still, there is no excuse for what I found in my purse yesterday when I was cleaning it out; within that one bag there were 21 different lip products.  Witness:


(Note: I have annotated the above photograph here.)

That's insane.  I mean, I have clutter problems as it is, but when it's combined with my makeup addiction the result is utterly ridiculous. And what's worse is that I can justify the need for having just about every single one of those products in my purse. (Except for the two tubes of DuWop Lip Venom.  There's really no need for that.) 

I decided to whittle my collection down to four to give myself a little cushion; the other 17 would be banished to a box on my desk.  I agonized over the selection process, but eventually I had narrowed my "purse set" down to a ChapStick, two versatile shades of lipstick (MAC Delish and Clinique Butter Shine in DeLovely) and one lip gloss.

Friends, I am encouraging you to hold me to this New Year's resolution by performing lip gloss audits on me.  I am very serious about this; feel free to randomly challenge me to dump out the contents of my purse and verify that there are five or fewer lip products in there.  For every one over my limit, I will contribute $5 to the charity of your choice.  (In your name, so you look like the cheapskate who donates $5 at a time to charity.)


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i have just chexed my purse and found 4 lipglosses. I will help you hold yourself to this resolution. moreover, you know how much i appreciate manageable, small new years resolutions.

question: does this mean you can't buy any more lipglosses until you use one up?
two: how does this apply to your other makeup needs (i am here thinking of mascara)
also: can i borrow that lipgloss i gave you, the french one in the purple tin? i crave something darker than black honey lately.


These are all excellent questions, Kelly.

1. I can buy as many new ones as I want, I just can't keep them all in my purse. If I want to put new ones in my purse I have to rotate old ones out.
2. I do not feel ambitious enough to stretch this resolution into other areas of makeup consolidation.
3. Yeah defs.


I feel like such an enabler since we went to Ulta last night.


I got embarrassingly excited at the opportunity to view your annotated lipstick collection. I was pretty sure I understood your justification process and seeing your labels confirmed this. This is going to be a hard resolution to keep, but even though you do not know me, I am going to be there for you.

My favorite thing to put on my lips is Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment. I can't imagine living without it. It tingles on the lips and it moisturizes thoroughly because it is water-based. Also, I am convinced that when you put some on before you put on your lipstick, the lipstick will last longer.


For the talent portion Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker will be doing a high dive off the seat in front of us. Do you remember those lip glosses I bought at Ames that looked like nail polish bottles?


Dana--That stuff is the bomb. It has just the right texture, particularly if you're putting it under lipstick because it's not too waxy so the lipstick doesn't slide off like with some other lip balms.

Katie--Yeah I was totally thinking about that nail polish stuff. I remember how your mom pointed out that it was like not approved by the FDA and we were like ehh, whatever.

Kate the Great

remem when i would sit in the back and watch those pageants and not even participate? that could be even lamer than holding them.


I want to read a post about chapstick pageants.


Yeah I think I might have to illuminate the world on what those are

Vanilla Ice

who stole my walkman, I know you got it


Confession: Although 21 lip products are not collecting dust and ooze in my purse, I have other lip gloss issues. I may have two in my purse, but I find that if the lip gloss does not cost over 12 dollars, I don't want it.

I am dependant upon expensive lip gloss; MAC, POUT, etc ... HELP!!!

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