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This Week in Internet: Rhyme Time!

We'll start off with a math link, cuz that's how I roll,
And then switch to giant rabbits and their new Korean role.
Looking for Jesus? Try your freezer, or your dog door;
Or if you actually want to meet him, get killed by a sloppy doctor.

Top 10 Worst Domain Names, Top 100 Fonts,
Every special character that you could ever wantz.
Behind the scenes at O'Reilly/Colbert,
And what's with MySpace users and their awful, awful hair?*

I really enjoyed this story about crazy apartment neighbors,
And that D.C. has added onion to its many media flavors.
This is really funny, this is really gross,
This is an extreme account of bureaucratic woes.

The definitive list of Car Talk credits is available online,
And this look at inherently funny words is really Wiki-fine.**
Talk about your hovercraft in almost any tongue,
And go with your gut instinct cuz it's more often right than wrung***.

Open your eyes to the truth, but close them when you sneeze--
Does any other blog give you insights as valuable as these?!
I'm out of links and out of time so it looks like we are done,
But I'll see you all on Monday when the new week has begun.

*Thanks, Emily!
**Thanks, Doug!
***Wrung: A little-known form of the word "wrong" that is used to create rhymes with the word "tongue."


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um, not to be a jerk or anything, but rhyming 'roll' with 'role' was pretty weak.

i'm just saying..


haha yeah that's pretty bad

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