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(For more about our trip around the world, check out days one, two, and three.)

Today we went to Iceland.  We had thought we were being all clever because we remembered that grade-school anecdote about how Greenland is the icy one and Iceland is the greeny one, but guess what?  It's cold as all F here.  20 degrees. 

I would tell you what city we're in, but there's no point. They all have totally crazy names.  In fact, of the list below, I bet you can't tell which five are actual Icelandic cities and which one is just something I made up by hitting a random combination of letters from the others.

  • Kirkjubaejarklaustur
  • Vestmannaeyjar
  • Hvammstangi
  • Wejsduroewwer
  • Garoabaer
  • Borgarfjorour

So yeah, don't worry about where we are exactly.  Anyway.  Here's a picture of us on a majestic mountain (Kelly insisted on buying one of those dorky jester ski hats.  I told her she would look like a total noob, but she insisted).


I was very excited to arrive in Iceland because I had read about how all the people there are rich, happy, and well-educated regarding evolution.  Let me tell you, they did not disappoint!  I cannot tell you how many times we visited in restaurants or stores today and were stopped by jubilant Icelanders offering to use their personal, sizable per capita share of the GDP to pay for our stuff.

"By the way, did you ever notice how some of a population's inherited traits become more common at the expense of others over successive generations?" they would cheerfully ask as they forked over their money to pay for our dried fish or miniature Icelandic flags. "It's a process that's usually measured in terms of the genes that encode the competing traits!"

Given the genial and intelligent nature of its people, we certainly enjoyed our day in Iceland. We'll be glad to be going somewhere much warmer tomorrow, the final day of our trip, but this was certainly an educational and delightful stop.

It's time to head out, so I'll close with a traditional Icelandic farewell: "Goodbye--and don't let the door hit ya where the good years of genetic progression split ya!"

Oh yeah--FYI, the city I made up was Wejsduroewwer.


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Iceland is awesome

Wejsduroewwer doesn't look at all Icelandic.

Surely the well-educated Icelanders told you that their alphabet doesn't include the letter 'W'?




That guy is a communist!

also the other thing about iceland is that i love the music from there. like bjork and mum and the swedish chef.


And Sigur Ros. Don't forget about Sigur Ros. You used to TORTURE ME with Sigur Ros in our room in college.


yes, sigur ros. but you like that one song. also, where the heck is phylan?


OH. MY. GOD. can we take a trip wherein i smuggle home a tiger kitteh?


Woah, Lauren, you're wielding an ice axe! Did you get to do any stunning self-arrests with that beast? (Speaking of which, next time we're together, please remind me to brag to you at length about all the fancy things I learned to do with an ice axe while in Patagonia. As a matter of fact, I think I'll start bragging about them right now! I took a "class" during which I had to climb up to the top of a steep, snow and ice covered slope and then throw myself down the slope and stop myself using my ice axe. I gotta say, throwing yourself down a mountain head-first and on your back is some pretty scary shit. Oh, and I also learned how to dig an 8-inch hole in the ground with my ice axe. You know, like to poop in.)

Matt Jerome

Haha, look at Kelly! What a noob.


Broken link!


sorry for the broken link, here's the kitty i want


Did you know that the people of Iceland are not only rich but also morally depraved? Almost 2/3 of all Icelandic children are born out of wedlock. SHOCKING!

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