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Going to a beach for the last day of our world tour seemed like the only appropriate option, since jealousy over friends' beach trips was what inspired our travel in the first place.  Inspired by Michael Scott's vacation choice in a recent episode of The Office, we decided to pack our bags and head for Jamaica!  Well, Jamaica turned out to be a splendid choice, and we have spent our day drinking on the beach and making new friends.  Kelly even bought a new hat for her collection.


Going into this trip we thought we knew everything there was to know about Jamaica.  Guess what, though?  IWe was way wrong!  It turns out the following things are not true about Jamaica:

Jamaica has only been around for 14 years.  We had thought Jamaica was invented as part of the plot for the 1993 movie Cool Runnings , but whoops!  That's totally not true.  This is not a situation like how the NHL created a Mighty Ducks hockey team in honor of the movie; Jamaica existed way before Cool RunningsCool Runnings is, in fact, actually a true story!

Gwen Stefani is about as authentically Jamaican as it gets. Also false, believe it or not.  Despite the fact that she named her baby Kingston and has a history of wearing the colors of the Jamaican flag, Gwen is not even a Jamaica native.  Who knew?

Jamaica is a huge place. Considering its cultural reach (as determined by the number of people in college who had Bob Marley posters + the current popularity of Sean Paul), we had assumed Jamaica was a pretty big place.  Not so, mon. Jamaica is smaller than Connecticut!  However, when was the last time you saw people walking around wearing Connecticut flag wristbands and talking about how laid back and great Connecticut culture is? 

In short, Jamaica is awesome.  The people are great, the weather is fabulous, and it's not Connecticut.  What more could you ask for?

Kelly and I hope you've enjoyed reading about our world trip as much as we've enjoyed taking it.  We'll be back in Bethesda soon, but the memories of our travels will surely stay with us for a lifetime.  A LIFETIME.  Did you hear that, Elle, Carolyn, Emily, and everyone else who went on vacation this winter?  WE HAVE A LIFETIME OF MEMORIES, JUST LIKE YOU DO.  So there.


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i thought maybe you guys would come visit me in boston, or at least have some sort of layover at logan. go pats!!! jk


Hey. Yeah Jamaica is amazing. My favorite memory was this man who used to walk the beach with this incredible ice cream for sale, but he never had any spoons! DO you girls have any videos of your travels? I just watched one of a group traveling around the world, you should check it out!

Sandy Jamaican

Girls, you are hysterical. I can't wait to see where you "go" next...keep it up and entertain the rest of us who can't make it to Jamaica this summer!!

Olívia de Moraes

Hey, I think you should come to Brazil and visit Manaus - the city in the middle of the rainforest. And I must say that the jungle wasn't created for Anaconda aswell!! But they certainly were the first ones to discover it and I feel proud to say that we were colonized by a great star such as J.lo in her messed up hair phase.

(I got here by googling for a image of "ugly kiss". Here I found a man kissing a pig and I thought "ok, it can't get any uglier than that".)

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