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This Week In Internet: Buffalos, Babies, and a Pre-Announcement Announcement


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Pineappoly Pineapple

I never think about pineapple as a food purchase option, but I'm always looking for more things to eat that don't require preparation or refrigeration so I searched for nutrition info (not that this is important to me - are chocolate chip bagels nutritional?) and landed on the Fun Department of Dole's website. The pineapple page is full of fun facts and exclamation points. You can get canned pineapple in animal shapes!

The pineapple page has a link to Fruit & Vegetable Cafeteria Art, but the page in the link comes up for two seconds and then you're redirected to another page with a form on it. I caught a glimpse of Sammy Salad-in-a-Bag and that cracked me up enough to do a screen capture so that I could share the ridiculousness.

Click my name for Fun Facts about pineapple!


Hahaha, GREAT fieldwork, Pineappoly!

Jonathan Dobres

Short and to the point, this picture's worth a thousand words.

Inquiring Mind

What about those something & cherries in the background?


Ah, those were yummy but there were only about three left in the bag when this was taken.

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