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A Cake That Was Both Tasty and Tasteless

There are new pictures up from this weekend's party at Mike's house.  The full set is here.  As you look at them, you may want to know the background behind this cake--

The Exxon Valdez cake

--which is an edible Exxon Valdez surrounded by a number of "oil-covered" Peeps.

The party was for someone's birthday, but apparently it was also the anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  Mike's roommate decided to tastefully acknowledge the occasion with a cake.  (I believe this was also the roommate that made the theme of their Halloween party "Offensive Halloween costumes.")

So yeah, that explains that.

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I predict that these pictures will be unflattering


wow. holy shit. i am an ugly person. fortunately, so are all my friends.

the mayor

that's a great picture of a drunk-looking guy holding a penis-looking cake.

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