LMNOP Invitational Update
A Cake That Was Both Tasty and Tasteless

LMNOP's Final Four

After this weekend's games, just four teams remain in contention for the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship.  At LMNOP we're down to our own Final Four--the only people who can still win the LMNOP Invitational tournament pool.  They are:


Left to Right: whatever I can get, Hot Sauce, the Ashinator, and Cathy's Champs

Here are the stats on our potential victors:

Whatever I can get: Has the slimmest chance of victory.  Needs a Florida vs. Georgetown matchup in the finals, followed by a Florida win.  Will probably then declare herself The Mayor of Basketball.

Hot Sauce: The only male left in contention for the win.  If Ohio State and Florida meet in the championships, Hot Sauce wins regardless of outcome.  Will rub it in my face for the rest of his natural life.

The Ashinator: A fierce competitor with the best chance of winning right now.  Has the win locked up if we see a UCLA vs. Ohio St. matchup in the finals, and also stands to win if UCLA beats Georgetown for the championship.  Would be the second consecutive blond female to win The Invitational.

Cathy's Champs:
Has lived and died by the Hoyas since graduating from Georgetown Law in '92.  If they take the NCAA championship, she takes ours.  She wouldn't want it any other way.

And to recap, these are the possible championship scenarios and the LMNOParticipants that would win in each of them:

Florida vs. Georgetown
Florida wins: whatever I can get
Georgetown wins: Cathy's Champs

UCLA vs. Ohio St.
UCLA wins: the Ashinator
Ohio St. wins: the Ashinator

Florida vs. Ohio St.
Florida wins: Hot Sauce
Ohio St. wins: Hot Sauce

UCLA vs. Georgetown
UCLA wins: the Ashinator
Georgetown wins: Cathy's Champs

It's gonna be an exciting finish!


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hate to break it to ya gals, but HotSizzle is taking this one home. you can tell from the pick above that i am clearly that most calm and collected and self-assuredly cool participant left. thank you all for playing, i will begin writing my induction speech now.


DAMNIT Oregon, you blew it!!!


Kellyq, if you followed Lauren's advice at all, you would not have picked Oregon. They're the DUCKS for Christ's sake. Anyone can beat a duck.


"Whatever I Can Get" is looking very Lohan-ish right there.

The Ashinator

The picture says it all. The Ashinator WILL dominate!


Hotsauce is wearing my mom's coat in that pic


HAHAHA I forgot that was your Mom's coat

whatever I can get

I hope when you say "Lohanish" you mean that I look like a talented and attractive young actress. Sadly though, I suspect you mean that I look like I just got drunk and ran my car into some paparazzi.


can i crown the winner like in a miss usa/america comp?

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