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I'm having trouble composing myself here. 

Remember when I mentioned that Kelly and Carolyn would be participating in the Rock, Paper, Scissors Regional Tournament?  Well, the Regionals were tonight and CAROLYN. WON.  Here she is just a second after her victory throw (her crushed opponent is in the left corner of the photo):


People, she gets a free trip to Vegas to compete in the national tournament (ON ESPN2!) in May.  Free. Trip. To. Vegas.  Naturally, I'm buying my plane ticket tomorrow so I can support her in her bid for RPS glory.

You don't get many moments like this in life.  Congratulations, Carolyn--and don't forget the people who knew you when.


Full photo set will be up tomorrow.


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The faces of the girls to the left and right of Carolyn in that first picture are priceless.


Barbary Coast has a 4 dollar breakfast between midnight and 4 AM.... you need it.


OMG...omg. how could i have missed this. this will probably be the most meaningful thing carolyn has ever done in her life.

Inactive account

Incredible -- dreams really do come true!


Was it best two out of three for each round? Or like what was the deal, just out of curiosity.


It was the best out of five.

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