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I've been using Twitter to display little mini-posts on the sidebar for the past few days (look on the left under "My Latest Mobile Update").  I've had to take it down a few times because Twitter's site has been slowing down a bit lately (due to their sudden increase in popularity) and consequently it was slowing mine down as well.  Hopefully they're getting things under control now though.

Twitter is a fun little service and I want some of you to sign up, because it would be even more fun if I had some friends on it.  You don't need a webpage to sign up for it--that's just one way of displaying your updates.  You get your own nifty little page like this one that archives all your updates and generally looks cute.

Check it out and maybe humor me and give it a try.  Waiting in line for groceries is more fun when you can text the Internet to tell it you're waiting in line for groceries!


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