The Greatest Sports Story Ever Told
Yay, He's Going to Be So Gracious About This

Happy Birthday, Cathy!

This is an unusually busy Saturday at LMNOP, but I need to tell you two important things:

1. Go here to vote for "Aw Dip (The Audit Song)" in the Turbo Tax rap contest.  Two of my friends entered this video for a chance to win money or even a cubic-zirconia-encrusted Turbo Tax logo, and I think you'll agree that their rap merits some serious bling. 

2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CATHY ADDISON-WEEMER!  I know a Georgetown victory would be the best present of all, but I hope your special day is great no matter what.


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APRIL FOOLS hahahahahahaha


seriously take it down i am nauseated by it

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