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Happy Birthday, Cathy!

The Greatest Sports Story Ever Told

I put up all the photos from the Rock Paper Scissors regionals last night--the set is here.  A couple of notes:

1. Although Carolyn took the day, let's not forget that Kelly was competing in this event as well.  It was unfortunate bracket placement that led the two to meet in the second round of the competition, but Kelly can take solace in the fact that, as the Bethesda local winner, she is the only person to have beaten Carolyn in tournament play so far.

The local champs, ready to step it up for regionals

2. The refs at this event were fabulous and made some totally clutch calls, like when that guy threw paper vertically instead of horizontally and got eliminated.  Here's our fave ref schooling Kelly and the soon-to-be-vanquished Noah on that exact rule.

Kelly's first match

3. Mad props to Elle, Tori, Doug, Phylan, Eliza, and, well, ME--we definitely were the most amazing cheering section in the building.

Getting our hero pumped up for the big match

Next victim

I love the expression on Kelly's face in that second picture, btw.

4. Speaking of Kelly--Kel, I have to apologize.  I posted some really unflattering pictures of you in this set.  Normally I would have deleted them, but I just felt that in this case their journalistic merit in telling the story of the tournament was too critical to be denied.


The greatest sports story ever told


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