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Happy Birthday, Kate

I'm 22 months older than my sister Kate, which is almost two years. However, from March 19 (her birthday) to May 17 (the day before my birthday) each year, instead of being two years older than her I am just one year older.  I mean, not really, but that's how I always think of it.  Yesterday I was 23 and she was 21; today, I am 23 and she is 22.  When I was younger I always relished the two months a year that this happened because it seemed very cool and close, like we were sisters in a TV show or something. 

Looking back, some of the moments of our childhood we were able to antagonize each other creatively and effectively enough that we probably could have passed for characters on a TV show.  When we were supposed to be cleaning our shared room and I would instead sit on my bed reading a book, Kate would run into the hallway and call downstairs in a whiny, passive-aggressive voice that I still remember today, "Daaaad?  Is Lauren suppooooosed to be reading a book?  Because I thought you said to clean our rooooms."  Then I would get yelled at while she sat sweetly in the corner and watched with delight.  Turd.

I got my revenge.  After seeing how scared she got while watching this movie, I convinced her there were witches living in our very basement and that if she needed to get something from the basement she only had 10 seconds before the witches came out and got her.  My sister claims that to this day, whenever she goes into the basement of our parents' house, she can still hear me standing at the top of the stairs and counting "Ooooooone Mississippi, Twooooooo Mississippi--Hurry up, Kate!--Threeeeeee Mississippi . . ."  Heh heh heh.

Most of the time we got along though.  We looked alike, so we would wear identical outfits and do our hair the same.  When we went to restaurants, I would slouch in my seat and Kate would sit on her heels so that our heights evened out.  We loved when the waitresses asked if we were twins, and when they did we would run to the bathroom and giggle and mock the dumb TGI Friday's employee we had just fooled. "Well, aren't you two just adorable!  Y'all must be twins, right?"

Twins, no.  But total hotties, yes.


Happy b-day, bitch!


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You guys remind me of my little sisters, who are 13 months apart. Right now they are 17 and 18. They don't look that much alike and they especially didn't when they were little because Colleen had darker hair that my mom insisted on keeping in the Dorothy Hammel bowl cut and Meghan had long, straight, bleach-blonde hair. But they used to walk around the house singing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen songs like "I Am the Cute One (She's Just My Sister)" and "Cause You're My Sister."


My sisters did, in fact, sing 'I am the Cute One" in their third grade talent show. My mom recently found the video tape of it, and found it necessary to transfer it to DVD (which will come in handy when the boys come-a-callin). My sisters don't really look alike either, although they ARE twins, so I guess they get a pass on the lameness. It's genetically required.

And One 4th Grader

um, first time i saw this blog. next time you honor my bday, let me know big sis! all i have to say is that when i go downstairs i don't hear you counting. i never heard you counting. i would count to myself -- soooo it's that when i walk dstairs i sometimes catch myself counting. and you need to let go of the fact that i was an angel and you were a terror until you realized it was a good thing mom and dad made you stop sucking your thumb. and ew, i'm 22. but you're only one year older now! good pic choice, although i thought you would have gone for that one dad seriously cherishes (the one where we both have like upside-down french braids in our hair or something stupid like that). anyway, thanks bitch. love you.


Maybe I was just checking to see if you read everyday LIKE A GOOD SISTER WOULD. Whatever your real birthday present was the hair stuff, I'm more concerned that you enjoy that since it cost me all that money . . .

For hair so healthy...

Yeah everyone tells me I have great shiny hair. I tell them it's not really my hair, but my bday present. And I'm student teaching, I can't read everyday.

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