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This Week In Internet: Madness!

Let the Games Begin!

There were 19 official entrants in the LMNOP Invitational this year, all vying for a spot in the LMNOP Hall of Fame.  Actually, technically Cathy and I are just playing for pride, and one entrant forgot to make any picks, so I guess really 16 people are vying for the Hall of Fame spot.  Either way, this year's competition should be as fierce as Tyra Banks riding a lion--especially if Georgetown wins it all.  One in three participants in this year's LMNOP Invitational picked them to win it all.  Where'd that come from?  Cathy Addison-Weemer, who likes to trashtalk, has suggested that you all are jumping onto her bandwagon. She wants me to remind you that she was a Hoya fan before the rest of you were born.  So take that.

Here's a graph of the other teams you picked to win it all:


And oh my God, I just realized I mixed up the little pictures UCLA and UVA.  Dammit.  Ignore that.

In case you're wondering who picked each team:

Georgetown: Reasonable Doubt, Dr. Jerome Matthews, My School Was Good at Football, Cathy's Champs (Cathy Addison-Weemer), Kelly's Best Picks Ever, and TORIbasketBALL

Florida: Lauren's LMNOPicks, Hot Sauce, Whatever I Can Get, Wolly Does Not Know Weingarten (you'll have to explain that reference to me)

North Carolina: I Take Showers and Know Mr. W (also will have to explain the reference to me), JJ's Picks

Wisconsin: Rory Porkham, EmGusk's Fantastic Bracket

Ohio St.: Sipester

UCLA: The Ashinator

King of Queens

Justin's House of China (Unfortunately I get that reference, lame-o)

Since we have twice as many people participating in this year's Invitational, I have resolved to make my coverage at least twice as good.  Last year there weren't many updates because, well, remember last March?  The special events thing?  I was drowning in posts.  This year I shall do better.


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