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LMNOP's Final Four

LMNOP Invitational Update

Lmnopinvitational_2 The Invitational is getting exciting.  My School Was Good at Football, who was getting quite comfortable in the first-place spot, was edged out of that position after last night's games.  However, with five of her Elite Eight and all of her Final Four teams still in it, it's not time to say goodbye to MSWGF just yet.

Also worth noting: four of the spots on the top five leaderboard are currently held by women, including none other than Cathy Addison-Weemer, who came out of nowhere last night to find her way into a three-way tie for second place.  With all of her Final Four teams intact, the Weem-Dogg could be a surprise contender for the win if she keeps this going.

Then again, that could all change after tonight's game.


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My School Was Good at Football

Alas, after the Jayhawks lost last night, I believe I am finished. Freakin A.Weem, she's going to win. Oh well, at least I have Georgetown to be happy about after my bracket failed in the finals.

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