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The Pi Day Post You Surely Saw Coming

My Blog Ate My Homework

Hmmm, so I wrote a post earlier today, and it was OK, but then I saved it and now it's gone!  At first I thought maybe I hadn't been paying attention and accidentally posted it to The Bathtub, but it's not showing up there either.  Anyone seen a blog post?

Anyway, it was about how I was mad at my clock and stubbornly refusing to reset it for Daylight Savings time.  The gist of it was that I am pissed, because my clock was off by an hour for the past few months as I was too lazy to update it after the last Daylight Savings date.  Finally, on Friday, I became so annoyed with it that I set it to the correct time.  Three hours later, it dawned on me that if I had just waited until Saturday, the new Daylight Savings would have gone into effect and fixed it for me.  Dammit!

Now my clock is off by an hour again, and as a matter of personal pride (and laziness) I'm refusing to set it, again.  And this is the second time I've written about it today.  I'm pretty good at using my time wisely.


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