When Inanity Meets Ambiguity


Kelly challenged me to a lip gloss audit this weekend (see this post for explanation), and I failed miserably.  Kelly sat and watched as I pulled tube after tube out of purse, and then she counted them all.


The official total? 11. Whoops.


Since I vowed in my previous post that I would donate $5 to a charity chosen by any person who caught me with more than five lip glosses in my purse, I asked Kelly where I should contribute in her name.

"Ummm, kittens.  Or teachers."

I considered doing $2.50 to an animal charity and $2.50 to an educational charity, but that seemed pathetic.  Instead, I did my research and used Charity Navigator to find a four-star educational charity in the Washington D.C. area.  So Kelly, I am pleased to announce that since you got bored enough on the Metro to randomly audit me,  The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education just got $5 richer.  My receipt, as proof:


I had a confirmation e-mail sent to Kelly's address as well for her to cherish forever.  Just like I cherish my lip products.


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Rich Uncle Pennybags

I'm confused...shouldn't you be donating $30 to charity, not $5?

"In 2007, I resolve to limit the amount of lip products I keep in my purse to five at a time.
I am very serious about this; feel free to randomly challenge me to dump out the contents of my purse and verify that there are five or fewer lip products in there. For every one over my limit, I will contribute $5 to the charity of your choice.


GOD everyone I'm sorry you had to look at my hair in that photo it looks SO BAD but you should know that since then i have cut it


Good lord, is that really what I said? I remembered it as being just a $5 flat rate. But it's hard to argue with written evidence . . . does this mean I have to give $25 more? Or can that just be the new rule starting next time?


I'm content w/ the donation you made, dahling

The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education

cough up another twenty five, you cheapskate

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