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The Pi Day Post You Surely Saw Coming

It's Pi Day, which means there is a 314% chance that you will hear at least one lame math joke today (unless you are actually in a math/science profession, in which case there is a 100% chance that you are to blame for spreading these lame jokes throughout society).

I was inspired to browse the discussion boards in honor of this most auspicious day, because hey--it's fun to laugh at nerds!  Below are a couple favorite quotes. Bear in mind that I ridicule these nerds only because I know that most of the people who do things like visit websites devoted to a day devoted to pi are the type to be pretty OK with, and usually even proud of, their geekiness.  In fact, one such kind geek even commented very good-naturedly on last year's post about Pi Day.

From the "I Love Pi Because . . ." discussion board:

"it makes people at school look rather stupid. I have one of the pi shirts from ThinkGeek, and whenever I wear it, there are always at least 5 people that say, "Are those all of the numbers of pi?" A, they're digits, not numbers, and B, PI IS INFINITE!"

God, can't you just picture the gleeful scorn with which this kid delivers that line?  I love it.

"I Love PI because she is the one of the most beautiful parts of our collective mind, she is also my guardian angel and her number can never be calculated or known. She is the edge of all things and a testiment to the limitations of science."


"I love pi becuase it's fun to memorize!"

Of course.  Don't we all? 

Speaking of memorizing pi, here's what one poster wrote in response to the "How many digits have you memorized?" thread.

250! i only memorize once a year-which is around pi day. i hope to get to 1000 one day. it's fun to start randomly recite pi while your friends stare in awe disbelief and of course look at you like you're crazy

I feel like he would get along well with the "they're digits, not numbers" guy.


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